Marketing & Sales Strategy

Our “virtual team” of consultants lends your business decades of combined experience in marketing and sales strategy. Operating outside of internal politics, we streamline the strategic process and allow leadership and management voices to give balanced, actionable input.

Brand Positioning Strategy

Through constant change in the marketing space, branding has remained of prime importance. We built our business on brand strategy, starting with our cofounder Steve Boehler, who led standout brands like Tide, Pringles and Jif while at Procter & Gamble.

Product Strategy

We conduct thorough consumer and competitor research to best align your product portfolio with current market needs. Past work in this space includes leading Microsoft’s successful entry into the hardware space with their first line of keyboards.

Market Research

We conduct qualitative & quantitative market research in both the B2C and B2B spaces, including customer segmentation, satisfaction, product usage, awareness, preference, habits & practices, advertising and other approaches.